Beam onto a reverse chronologically presented timeline showcasing all the creatives & entities in the digital multiverse.


Beam onto a reverse chronologically presented timeline showcasing all the creatives & entities that you “shadow”.


Support others & enjoy their support of you.


Trolling is non-existent, this is a realm of freedom.


Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing digital multiverse, reflecting the beauty of the creatives that contribute to it.


Through our revolutionary concept, the potential of users’ content is limitless.


We are seeking investment to fund the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the cost of marketing and advertisement. If you are interested in investing or know someone that might be, please email the Founder at darnellcue@gmail.com.  


eARTh’s greatness is that the content of artist and small-businesses are liberated by virtue of a sharply non-profit-maximizing structure. We don’t believe that the abundance of beauty and creativity in the world should be compromised for a false idea of value. eARTh is the new organic space for creative collaboration & authentic content-sharing to flourish. The remedy is here; eARTh will strengthen the digital presence of creatives all around the world.


Hear from people who have opted-in and are anticipating the eARTh App!

“I am excited for the release of eARTh because it will give artist like me the best place to express ourselves and share art with others.”

Anthony Todd
Actor, Dancer

“eARTh will be a platform that will allow aspiring artist like myself to promote their artwork. This will further the accessibility of fans who want to reach out and support creatives. A platform that allows art to be a key component of its functionality is exactly what artist like myself have been waiting for.”

Nick Buffaloe

Visual Artist

“I am highly anticipating the eARTh app because I am a creative person trying to find platforms to promote my art. The current social media apps are just not for this. Censorship has been a huge issue with my content. I had an account deleted from Instagram simply for posting my art because it didn’t fit a societal norm. Also, the algorithms these current apps use to connect you with similar accounts usually aren’t that effective. How are we supposed to connect with others if we are unaware that they exist? One thing I love about this app is that you will be able to see EVERYTHING!”

Spoken Word Artist, Freelance Model

Thank You

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