Liberate your creative content

Free your expression

Support others in a new way of content-sharing

eARTh optimizes your content via a creative community that’s not shackled by corporate-serving algorithms & ads

Create & Share

Feeling like your publishing could get better reception?

You're tired of your "followers" not supporting your work.

You're tired of your content being at the mercy of your "followers."

You're tired of the lack of content diversity.

Did you know that the average engagement rate on IG is between 1% & 3.5%?

Creative content is not nearly being optimized.

If you're going to publish your work with creative intent, shouldn't there be a platform available to maximize it?


What if there was a digital space dedicated towards optimizing content, creating a supportive community, & allegiant towards creatives/individuals versus corporate advertisers?

Introducing eARTh. Beam your work & let it travel!


Optimize Content Visibility

The Earthline is the default, reverse-chronologically presented timeline that is visible to every user. This creates the opportunity for more people to see & share your content.


Build a Supportive Base

Shadowing is when a person opts to shadow another: enabling every beam/channel from the shadowed account to appear on the Moonline. The Moonline is a reverse-chronological timeline of the beams from people you shadow.


Get Inspired to Create

Our world has a lot of sadness, death, & suffering that can hinder our motivation & consistency with our own personal/creative endeavors. eARTh's algorithm creates a space where creativity, innovation, & ideas are highlighted from common folks.

"I am highly anticipating the eARTh app because I am a creative person trying to find platforms to promote my art. eARTh optimizes our ability to see content from people we may not have known existed!"

- Afronomenal | Writer (Durham, NC)

"As a photographer, I am excited for eARTh. We need a space that is designed for creatives. The time is now."

- Wahijadeen Jahad | Photographer (Los Angeles, CA)

"I am anticipating the launch of eARTh app because it will give us content creators a platform in which we can express ourselves while marketing & networking with other creatives."

- Chris Snowden | Music/Culture Journalist (Brooklyn, NY)

"This app is an important & needed safe space for art."

- Anthony Todd | Actor, Dancer (Raleigh, NC)


"I conceptualized eARTh as a frustrated artist who was trying to improve their visibility on content-sharing applications. I was tired of the reach of my content being at the mercy of followers & wicked algorithms. I was tired of seeing creatives undermined. I was tired of seeing the customers be (corporate) advertisers & not individual people. I decided that I would construct a digital space where people are the customers & not the unpaid inventory. I wanted to create a place, a planet- where the foundation was creativity, community, & support."

- Quinton Darnell | Founder