eARTh (App)

eARTh (App) is a creative-expressive networking service where users post art, expression, product & other various forms of content known as “beams.” Through a multi-timeline display & several innovative features, eARTh optimizes the receptivity of content & provides users an ideal space to create & share


Beam onto a reverse chronologically presented timeline showcasing all of the creatives & entities in the digital multiverse


Support others & enjoy their support of you


Beam onto a reverse chronologically presented timeline showcasing all of the creatives & entities that you shadow

Optimal Content Reception

Published content is limitless via our innovative concept

“eARTh came to me as an idea to give artist, creators, small-business, & people who want to express themselves; a new space to exist. With so much collusion, corporate advertising, & lack of purpose in contemporary realms- a lot of art is being suppressed. The uniqueness of eARTh will strengthen the (digital) presence of art all around the world. Without ART...eARTh is just…”
Quinton Darnell


"I am excited for the release of the eARTh app. It's a space for artist and creatives, like myself, to share their work with others. I feel this app is an important and much needed safe space for art."
Anthony Todd
Actor | Dancer
"eARTh is a platform that allows artist like myself the ability to promote their artwork, optimally. This app increases the accessibility of fans who want to reach out and support creatives. Art is the key component of eARTh's functionality and is exactly what artist like myself have been waiting for."
Nick Buffaloe
Visual Artist
"I am highly anticipating the eARTh app because I am a creative person trying to find platforms to promote my art. The current (social) media-sharing apps are limiting. Censorship has been a huge issue with my content. I had an account deleted from Instagram simply for posting art that did not fit the 'norm.' Also, the algorithms that contemporary apps are using to connect you with people have not been effective in my experience. eARTh optimizes our ability to see content from people we may not have known existed!"
Writer | Organizer | Communicator
"I'm excited for the eARTh app because social media isn't always a safe place for marginalized groups. It seems everyday someone on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is being kicked off for being their authentic selves while Nazis get to post freely. I'm ready to share my authentic self in a SAFE creative space."
Evolution Strategist
(M)inimum (V)iable (P)roduct

We are considering investment to fund the minimum viable product (MVP) of the eARTh App. If you are an (Angel) Investor or know someone who is, email the Founder at

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